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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Travels Top Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the phrase Casa Particular?
2. Why you should go to Cuba now ?
3. Why you should Rent a Casa Particular instead a Hotel Room ?
4. What to do 7 Days Vacation in Havana ?
5. Visa / Touristcard ?
6. What to Take to Cuba?
7. Are U.S. Citizens Welcome to Cuba?
8. Can I hire a full-time or part time chauffeur in Cuba?
9. Do you know How to move from city to city around Cuba?
10. Havana – Where is the Best area to stay?
11. Cuba: Money Exchange
12. Cuba: Public Transportation
13. What is the total cost of a property?
14. What are's payment terms?
15. Can you organize the transfer from the airport to the property?
16. How much does the concierge service cost?
17. Is property rentals child friendly?
18. What is the cancellation policy on the properties?
19. Do Locals "Cubans" are allowed in the Properties, Cars or Activities?
20. Are properties clean?
21. Can you check availability for me?
22. Do I need to reconfirm my booking before arrival?
23. Best Price Guarantee!
24. Do I need a Visa to enter in Cuba?
25. Why do you need an address of the Private House before arriving?
26. Do I need Medical Insurance?
27. Can I use my credit card in Cuba?
28. How many beds in a rooms when I book for 2 people?
29. What Could Happen if You Stay at an Illegal Casa Particular?
30. How To Pay for Casa Particular?
31. Cuban Currency Information
32. Cuba Climate - Weather
33. My Question is not answered here
Owners Top Frequently Asked Questions
34. Would you like to have your property featured on
35. Tour or Activity Providers: Would you like to have your tour featured with us?
36. What is an annual subscription?
37. I received a suspicious email, what do I do?
38. Another owner copied my photo(s) and put them on their listing, what can I do?
39. How do I report Abuse/Fraud?
40. Can you list or modify my home for me?